Installing a Wood Stove in Our Tent

We have been using an infrared heater in parks with electricity, but as we are about to go primitive (no electricity), we needed a heat source. Today we installed a mini wood stove in our Bell tent. We were nervous to cut a hole in the tent so we made the hole small and then cut more later. As we were lining everything up to attach the stove jack, inner, and outer rings with the canvas tent, we heard riiiippppppp! A needle and thread repaired the damage.

Stovepipe is put in. Now to attach the stove jack, etc

Stove jack and two metal rings seal around the canvas tent.
Wood stove set up complete. Our first fire as the dogs and Bruce and I gather round the hearth.
Reheating Rigatoni with Gorgonzola. It took about a half hour to reheat.
Installed just in time as temperatures dipped into the low 20’s and it snowed.

As Bruce was outside the Park Ranger drove by and said, “You’ve  got the coolest place around here! Is it warm in there?  Bruce said, “Yeah, about 75 degrees.” đŸ™‚

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