While living in our tent we have 4 ways to cook: on a camp stove, on the wood stove,  grilling, and using our dutch oven with briquettes on the grill.

To boil water for our morning cup of joe (and afternoon tea) we lift the lid of the wood stove and put the tea kettle directly over the flames.  Then Bruce uses our french press and pours the coffee directly into our thermos, or I set my cup on the wood stove to keep it warm. 

The campstove we use to make toast, bacon, eggs, french toast on our cast iron skillet.

This morning’s breakfast. Bacon was especially good because we hadn’t had any in months.
Another good breakfast.  French bread toasted on the wood stove. Bruce introduced me to French butter! Goodbye Parkay.

We use our blue enamel dutch oven on the wood stove to make chili, Indian dishes, enchiladas, and chicken mole.

A salad Master pan given to me by a friend over 20 years ago, is used to make oatmeal or soup on the woodstove.

On the outside grill we use our 3 legged Dutch oven to make apple pie, bread, and shepherds pie.

Apple pie cooking
Apple pie done! The best part was the top crust with an egg white brushed on and sugar sprinkled on it.   It took about 45 minutes to cook and less than that to eat over 1/2 of it.

After the briquettes are ready, 2/3 of the lid with a rim, and 1/3 are placed under the oven. For even cooking the oven is turned clockwise  90° every 15 minutes, and the lid is turned counter clockwise 90° every 15 min.

Bon appetit!

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