Hi friends! 

It was a balmy 50° day at Roan Mountain State Park when we decided to take  a drive to Beech Mountain, NC, and have a look-see.  Beech Mountain is in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s peak elevation is 5,506′.  Driving up the “long and winding road,” (after living in the mountains for the past 5 weeks I find myself humming the Beatles song a lot) we encountered 30 ° temps and 9 MPH winds, gusting to 44 MPH at Beech Mountain. There were some hardy skiers swooshing down the mountain. I stepped out to snap a few pictures and I felt like I was back in Alaska or standing near Lake Champlain, (Burlington, Vermont) with my sister, Judi, looking at the frozen lake while winds howled on a cold January day back in 1992. I remember the day because : (a) Lake Champlain is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer-if not more so- (b) It was fun being there with Judi;my nephew, Jason; my niece, Heather; along with my kids, and (c) We were frozen solid after 10 minutes!  

Snow making on Beech Mountain, NC

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