Hello, dog lovers!

“Go, Dog, Go” by P.D. (Philip Dey) Eastman, is a book I have heard read aloud many times while homeschooling my 5 five kids and teaching them how to read. “Go, Dog, Go” was also a childhood book I loved.   My favorite part was- “A dog party! A big dog party! on top of the tree.”

An interesting fact -Eastman was indicted into the army in 1942.He was assigned to the Signal Corps Air Unit, which was headed by Theodor Giesel (who later became known as Dr. Seuss.)

In “chapter two” of my new life, I now have two dogs, via Bruce. He adopted Mickey and Charlie a year ago.The shelter didn’t want the dogs to be separated -as they had always lived together- so it was two dogs for the price of one!

Mickey is black and white. He’s  56 and a King Charles Spaniel and a bijou. He likes to eat!

Charlie is a beautiful golden yellow. He’s 35 and a poodle and cocker spaniel-a cookapoo. He likes to pretend he doesn’t hear us calling him.

They are good watch dogs, alerting us of any activity outside the tent, which is usually fine – except last week when campers arrived at 1am and the dogs barking woke us up:( 

Once I  dropped a cookie and Charlie ate it faster than a speeding bullet. We made the mistake after grocery shopping of not hiding the chicken in the car well enough. Fortunately, (a) it was boneless chicken and (b) they left 2 breasts for us.

The boys at the bathhouse with me.
Morning nap.

Charlie loves wading in the Doe River right outside our tent. Mickey got his feet wet and popped out!
Snuggling on a car ride.
Charlie feels bad he ate half our chicken.

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