Goodbye… Maybe?

We are preparing to leave Roan Mountain State Park, in east Tennessee.  We packed up our Bell tent yesterday and all the paraphernalia (are we really minimalists??- it doesn’t feel like it hauling all the necessities-) and slept in our mini-tent. We packed up the rest this morning and with my car, the boat, and Bruce’s truck stuffed to the gills, we were preparing our takeoff- after one final smoke- when Bruce’s truck wouldn’t start.Clogged fuel line, it appears.


A severe thunderstorm is heading into the area in a few hours (tornado watch in Memphis), and 15-30 mph winds and gusts of 50mph predicted.

Will we get to town, have a mechanic tow the truck- no phone service here- have a quick, inexpensive fix (lol) and head out as planned to the North Carolina coast??

We’ll see!

Here are a few parting shots of our home for the last six weeks.(The rule is only a 28 day stay, but since the park was empty, the kind park ranger let a stay an additional 2 weeks)

Goodbye Roan Mountain State Park. Hate to say goodbye.
Heading off to our new adventure.

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