Francis Marion National Forest Recreation Area, Honey Hill, South Carolina

We arrived at the Francis Marion National Forest, at the Honey Hill campsite,  on March 2. It’s located near Georgetown, South Carolina and about 1 hour north of Charleston. Since it was almost dark when we arrived, we set up our tiny Eureka tent, threw the futon inside, made the bed, and we slept. The dogs made it slighty crowded 🙂

Many weird animals noises were my lullaby due to many swamps and marshes. Francis Marion National Forest was named after Francis Marion, a revolutionary war hero who was known as the “swamp fox.”

Nearby swamp

Honey Hill is a FREE 6 site campground. There’s no water or electricity, but there is a restroom with a compost toilet.

The next morning we moved our spot to one that has morning sun. The Canvas Camp Bell tent takes about an hour or two to set up. Then the Ikea bed was reassembled, my desk and bookcase put in, the woodstove put in, our clothes (in plastic Ikea bins under the bed), and miscellaneous stuff and our portable home was complete. Bruce also reassembled a round outdoor table and chairs for me to do my artwork. Our truck backs up close to the tables for easy “truck kitchen” access.
About 12 miles away in North Santee there are 3 free water stations where we fill up our water jug. North Santee has a lot of lead in the water hence the 3 clean water stations.

Bruce filling our water jug

Campers are allowed to stay 14 days and must be gone 4 days before they can come back.

It’s my first time in South Carolina and I love it. Especially living RENT FREE!

Sunset near Honey Hill, South Carolina

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