Norris Dam & Cove Lake State Parks

We went back to state parks where we’d camped in October -December.  It was kinda like cruisin’ through our old neighborhood before we leave this area.

Norris Dam State Park, in Anderson county in east Tennessee, has 10 primitive campsites. We had no electricity and no water on our site, but a bathhouse with hot showers!   It’s on the shores of Norris Lake.  I remember setting up camp and two deer ran by.  They were too quick for me to photograph.(“Nothing runs like a Deere.”) Sorry, just had to say that.

Construction of the Norris Dam began in 1933 as the first project of the Tennessee Valley Authority, a great depression-era entity created by the Federal Government to control flooding and bring electricity and economic growth to the area.

On this pic I used the vintage filter.
A blasting siren sounds about 10am and the water fiercely flows!

Sunset on Norris Lake, where I had seen several fly fisherman fishing and that’s a lovely thing to see. A Tennessee record brown trout was caught in the Clinch River below Norris Dam (28 pounds and 12 ounces). (The Clinch River flows from Virginia – Tennessee. 300 miles.)

Floating homes at Norris Dam Marina.

We also revisited Cove Lake.

We stayed here twice- once for 28 days.

Norris is unique town.  This is the first place a dam that was built by the TVA from 1933-36.  They built tiny houses for the workers. Almost the whole town (population 1,500) lives in tiny homes. And all the roads are curvy- not one straight street. 

 I’ve never included a pic of a church, but this was my maiden name. Love the red door!

In Norris, TN.

Adios, Norris & Cove Lake State Parks. We hope to see you again someday.

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