Honey Hill, Again

On our way to Chattanooga, South Carolina,….. It took longer than normal to break camp and then set up our Sibley (Bell) tent (1 1/2 hour set up),  so we got a late start on our 6 hour trip to Chattanooga for an appointment.   Therefore, we decided to stay on a hotel. Super 8 was $91.00! Highway robbery.  No way.  We usuaaly carry our little Eureka tent that takes 5 minutes to set up.  So, at 1am we went to our favorite (free) campsite in the Francis Marion National Forest:

This was our shortest camping trip yet- arriving at 1 am and leaving at 9:30 am. Better than spending $91.00 on a hotel room.  We love our little tent because we can save money!

I was excited to find a cozy cup holder with the South Carolina state symbol at our campaite. (Did I mention I love free?) And South Carolina is quickly becoming my favorite state.

The “crescent moon” represents the silver insignia worn on the front of the caps of South Carolina troops during the Revolutionary war.  The dark blue was the color of their uniforms. The state tree is the palmetto.

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