One thing I love about living in a tent (we’ve been living in one almost 6 months now; I’ve experienced  two seasons -winter & spring) is exploring and discovering new things.  I haven’t traveled much in my life, but at 57, I am enjoying every minute of our nomadic life together, as we live in a tent in state & national parks and national forests. My wanderlust was buried for years but now has free reign.

This is one thing I recently discovered while walking along the Ocoee River, at Hiwasee Ocoee State Park. A weir.  Having never heard of a weir, it was fascinating to see how Native Americans provided fish for their families. They would build a low wall of river cobbles into a V shaped funnel and catch the fish with a trap, basket or net.

A 7 mile section of the Little Tennessee River has a dozen weirs.

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