Working on My Bucket List /The Arch

St.Louis, Missouri is a city I’ve never visited.  I’ve travelled very little, but since meeting Bruce (who’s travelled the world & sailed the seas), I’ve been to many places. I’ve always wanted to see the Arch, so we visited his hometown. ( My cousin Jan, who passed away at the young age of 50, went to Law School in St. Louis.)

Double exposure  of the Arch with a sunset

Bruce’s name is in the arch along with 762,000 (mostly) schoolchildren. In 1965, a metal box containing the signatures was welded onto the top;  all the schoolchildren watched as the Arch was hoisted into place.

The architecture on many homes and buildings was impressive.

This home made me think of my sister, Patti, who is a lover of all things purple.

Most doors are painted in this manner.

This is called a half- house or flounder.

We drove past the hospital where Bruce was born, a playground his grandpa took him to, (whom upon his death had over 400 pairs of boots!), his grandma’s dry goods store, an ice skating park, and other childhood haunts.
11:55 pm. We’re hungry. Drove to the “Hill” (Italian part of town) hoping (doubting) there would still be something open this late.  Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas closed at midnight; 5 minutes before closing time…

“Are you still open?” Bruce asked.

“Come on in!” the bartender said.

Their antipasto platter had the best salami I’ve ever had and the sausage pizza was out of this world…the creamiest cheese I’ve ever had. (Provel?) While sitting at the bar we chatted with the bartender and upon leaving he said, “Thank you for being polite.” I thought that was strange but Bruce said people from “The Gateway to the West” have a reputation for being rude.

Now,  some coffee was in order. The Coffee Cartel!  It’s a large coffeehouse/hangout that also serves liquor and is open 24/7. We opted for coffee instead of a White Russian since it was 1:30 in the morning.

We drove past the site of 1904’s World Fair where the ice cream cone was inadvertently made. The ice cream seller ran out of dishes, so the  Syrian next to him {selling thin waffle-like pastries (zalabis),] shaped the pastry into a cone shape and voilà, the ice cream cone was made.

Strolling thru Chase Park Plaza (ooh la la), we then went to Schwab’s for their “World Famous Chicken Salad.” My mom’s was actually better.  😀

Protestors were marching for Earth Day-“Keep your theology off my body” (Amen, sister!)

As Judy Garland sang “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis!” 

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