A beautiful day for a drive.

Taking a two day trip to Hickory, North Carolina (a seven hour trip) we saw five noteworthy places/things:
1.  The Nantahalo Outdoor Center in Bryson City,  North Carolina.  It’s a 500 acre outdoor center located at the intersection of the Nantahala River and the Applachian Trail.  

We stopped for a look-see.  It was good to stop driving after driving several hours and watch the kayakers and paddleboarders. AND I bought some long, silver feather earrings in the gift shop.   

Along with kayaks they sold inflatable camp sofas. Now, that is a cool invention.

While trying to take a selfie, an instructor stopped and asked if we’d like help. We gladly accepted.

Our 7 month anniversary 😀

2. A most unusual convenience store in North Carolina :  incence was burning at the register and for sale were long dresses, incense, power tools, and other unusual things.  I bought my favorite incense- patchouli.  Bruce resisted the temptation to buy a chain saw.

3. Phil‘s BarBQue in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  The vinegar coleslaw was good! (The barbecue was average.)

The ceiling was covered in hats:

The decor was funky:

Bathrooms were cool:

 Phil’s BBQ has a  “cheeky” store motto:  “The best butts in the mountains.”

4.  At an intersection I caught sight of my favorite vehicle :

Groovy, man.

5. But the best thing we saw was this camper (with the best “bumper” stickers.)

Yup, lots of hunky-dory things that day. 

 It was a good road trippin’ day.

Peace, out.


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