Open Mic Night 

My friend, Kim, recently closed her coffee shop, The Looking Glass Coffee & Curiosities, in West Tennessee, where she not only served really good coffee, but was a supporter of the arts, selling locally made items.  She also had a free library! (I tried not to be greedy, but it was hard not to be.)

Stepping into Copperbean Coffee, in Hickory, North Carolina, reminded me of Kim’s shop.  We were strolling through downtown after very tasty Lo Mein at the Hong Kong Cafe when we spotted a sign “Open Mic Night.”

“You wanna go in?” Bruce asked.


We caught the tail end of the Open Mic Night where the expresso was good and the two guitar players were very talented.

He was an excellent songwriter!

David Moser, a photographer from the local newspaper, the Hickory Record, was taking pictures of the night life around town and asked if he could take our picture.

“Sure,” I said, ” If you could also take one with my camera.”  (Which he did.)

Our picture was in The Hickory Record, “Hoppin’ Around” on April 28 (along with 99 other people)  😀

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