While we were tent camping at Hiawassee Ocoee State Scenic River State Park, Delano, Tennessee (at Gee Creek), right across the highway was an Amish Farmer’s Market.  I’d always been curious about the Amish, and learned quite a bit during three visits there.

The vegetables (as expected) were outstanding: sweet smelling strawberries, kale, green onions, awesome tomatoes, the BEST sourdough bread, and Farmer’s Favorite cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut.)

Peeking out the back window of this shop the horses  rested awaiting duty..

I was surprised to hear, “We buy them online,” when Bruce asked where they got their men’s hats.  I thought the women made them.
A young Amish man was stacking tomatoes and Bruce asked him about how they grew them.  Later, Bruce asked about his accent.

“Most people don’t notice it.  I’m from Pennsylvania,” the man said.

“How long have you been here?”

The Amish man said, “Fourteen years.”

“Why did you move here?”

“To be part of a smaller community. Twenty-five families moved here. Each bought 20 acres, so we have five hundred acres for homes and farms.”

He added, laughing  “We have a woodstove that’s always heating in our home; heating water for bathing, cleaning, and cooking.”

We drove through Delano Amish Community and saw a colt that was newly born and could hardly walk…

(Hidden behind tree)

A man was hoeing a field, another was working on a water wheel, there were several horses and buggies…

I imagine it’s quite a hard working life, but all the men were cheerful and had pleasant demeanours.
Thus ends our little Amish adventure!

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