‘Twas a humid 84° afternoon at Hiawassee Oceoe State Park (one hour outside Chattanooga) where we were tent camping…

…when Bruce & I decided to cool off and go swimming in the Hiwassee River near Delano, Tennesee with our new bathing suits we’d bought the day before.  It was a great idea!

The Hiwassee River has its headwaters in Northern Georgia and flows into the Tennessee River;  it’s 147 miles long.

The river current was so strong that when we tried to swim, but never went forward – we stayed in the same spot. Basically,  it was just like a lap pool.  We clung to the rocks to keep from being swept downriver.

So we hung on, hung out, and cooled off – a fun afternoon!

Later that day, as we prepared to go to our next campsite, we made the decision to say adios to our CanvasCamp/Sibley tent.  We’d been living in it for over 6 months and Bruce had lived in it alone for a year. It’d served it’s purpose well,  but mold was growing in it.  Mainly,  though, we were preparing for a new direction in our lives together and the 133 square foot tent would no longer be necessary.

Here’s a photo of the tent taken in  January 2017…

Here’s a photo of the tent with the walls taken off…

(Excuse the mess.).  It seems hard to believe we lived in such a tiny space, but with an eight foot center pole it seemed much roomier.  

Goodbye, ‘ol tent.  Best remembrance? Watercoloring on 20° winter evenings listening to KING CRIMSON  (touring in June and July) and PINK FLOYD with the scent of supper cooking on the woodstove. The woodstove would burn so hot that we had to open the tent door to cool off…. 

We still have a tiny Eureka tent, but we will miss our old home. Goodbye & thanks for the memories!

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