Ahoy, Matey / Our New Home in North Carolina

This blog is named Tent Living Lifestyle, because when I started it 6 months ago, my partner and I gave up our apartments to live together in a large tent in state parks. We both loved it, but we didn’t like having to move every two weeks.  At our age, (Bruce is 63 and I am 57), breaking camp took 4 hours and involved some heavy lifting.  We talked a lot about living on a boat.  Bruce has lived on 4 boats during his life; all I’d been in were rowboats and a few times motorboats. The idea appealed to me, so now live on a boat!!!!  We’ll still go camping, now the boat is our permanent home.

Here’s our 32′ trawler…

It needs a lot of work, which we (Bruce)  is doing.  It’ll take about a year and then we’ll go cruising.

We’re at a marina in North Carolina, where our rent for the year is $900.00.

A  double rainbow during our third week here…

Sunrise on the boat.  Ever since I’ve been photographing (since age 18), my favorite subjects have have sunsets and sunrises. Now, I can witness both everyday.

A year ago I would never even imagined the life I have.  Xanthia always said, ” You make your own reality.”  She was right.

2 thoughts on “Ahoy, Matey / Our New Home in North Carolina

  1. Very cool. It’s so inspiring to me to see the different things people do and different ways of life, all at different ages. Makes me feel like life can be whatever I want it to be, the possibility for change is always there. Enjoy your new home!

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