We traveled (as we love to do) to the Rhododendron Festival on Roan Mountain (largest natural rhododrens fields in the the world). The Cataba Rhododendrons weren’t fully in bloom yet…

While driving through Princeville, North Carolina,  we saw a small  roadside sign that said  “PRINCE – musician and…” (I couldn’t read the rest of the sign.)  I thought of my sis, Patti, who loved Prince. I googled it – Prince heard of Hurricane Floyd in ’99 and donated money to the town for rebuilding.  Heavy rains had caused a dike to fail; some parts of Princeville water rose 23 feet above the streets.   Princeville was the nation’s first town to be chartered by blacks. 

Later, while hiking part of the Appalachian Trail…

……haha  (only 1/8 mile),  we came upon a plein air painter and talked to her.  She paints in oil and the strong wind had just knocked over het turpentine, so she had to call it a day.  Her name is Arlene Daniels and she is an award winning painter. It was very cool to talk to her.  Her website is Arlenedaniels.com.


We were near the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it was a cloudy day.  When the sun cleared, this was the view…

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