Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, North Carolina

On our drive to the Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina we saw many beautiful flowers to make the drive very pleasant:  black eyed susans, rhododendrons, Queen Anne’s Lace, tiger lilies, water lilies, and lots of Crepe Myrtle bushes (often referred to as “the lilac of the South”.)
At a lookout point we saw Tablerock, Hawk’s Bill, and Sitting Bear Mounains ((left to right)

Since 1956, at Rae Meadows (chosen because it looks like Scottish hills) on Grandfather Mountain, near Linville, North Caroline, hundreds of Scottish Clans gather from all over to celebrate all things Scottish.
The music that day was impressive. Bagpipers walked around and played…

There was a small bagpipe and kettledrum marching band parade.  We listened to a Celtish Rock band ( who knew bagpipes could sound rockish?  Not me!) A harpist played and wad very pleasing to the ear. The best was this group with flute, violin, guitar, and drums. This flutist had a heart-stirring voice.

Kilts abounded. I was excited to see kilts and was surprised that the first kilt I saw was worn by a state trooper directing traffic 🙂

The women had dresses and scarves of their clan colors.  There are over 14,000 tartan designs!  Many stalls sold dresses, shirts, and tops.  One stall took orders for kilts.

There were many stalls representing clans and a stall to search for a Scottish background. Bruce is part Scottish (the Anderson clan.)

The Games consisted of border collie shepherding demonstrations (which reminded me of “Babe”),  flipping a telephone-pole sized trunk end-over-end, (shot) putting a heavy weight and much more.

Nothing feminine about these men in kilts!

The  foods  we tried tried were strawberries on scones with whipped cream (which was pretty good) shortbread cookies, and BBQ.  (All the food was really expensive.) Most of the food smelled good except for huge turkey drumsticks.

With large crowds and all the parking lots full,  we had to ride a school bus up Grandfather mountain.  It must have been a kindergarten bus because it was small! Bruce who talks to everyone -the complete opposite of me- talked to a woman whose husband was a sniper in the Marine Corp. With both of us being veterans, my four sons all serving in the military (Marines, Air Force, and Army) and my late husband retiring from the Air Force, I have great respect for those who serve or have served.

But, I digress…

Being so tired from walking around crowded Rae Meadows in the hot sun,  we found some grass to lie down on in the shade and fell asleep to the sound of bagpipes.  A good little nap ended our time at the Highland Games!

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